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Stylish Hardwoods

Hardwood is often a first choice among people seeking durability, beauty and style in their space. As the name suggests, this type of flooring comes from specially grown hardwood trees that have matured over a long time to give them stunning grains. West Coast Flooring Outlet specializes in genuine hardwood floors that will last a lifetime. To ensure that our customers get the best value for money, we source different types of hardwood flooring materials only from the leading brands in the market. The most exciting aspect of hardwood floors is that they easily complement home or office furnishings in their warm, earthy tones. To improve customers’ experience, we offer professional installation services to ensure that hardwood flooring is properly placed. Hardwood floors are a great way to increase the value of property, and thankfully they do not demand constant replacement as do other types of floors.

The closest alternative to hardwood is laminate flooring, which is made from synthetic fibers with a top layer that resembles hardwood. Laminate floors are an ideal choice for those who find that wood is too expensive. Customers can choose from dark or light finishes and there are also types with a raised grain finish that creates the illusion of hardwood. At our outlet, you will find different types of laminate flooring including some with tongues and grooves for easy installation. We also stock underlayment, a padding that is important for several reasons, including making the floor softer to walk on, and protecting against moisture.

Choose many colors and finishes from our Hardwood leading brands

• Elegance • Shaw • Johnson • Armstrong • Pravada • Many More

Just a few of our favorites for Laminate Floorings

• All American • Eternity • Ark - True Craft • Shaw • Armstrong • Mega Clic • Many More

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